Custom logo mats

recycled matsDecorating is a way to express yourself. Many companies use the decoration as a means to promote or encourage the use of their products or to different campaigns. We have seen that in many establishments use the walls and floors to hang advertising or objects with the logo of a sponsor. Using decorative objects as a form of advertising and exhibition is a way to capture audiences and many companies have used it wisely.

Using the company logo in decorative and functional objects requires prospects to relate the company’s brand with a sense of pleasure and comfort. An example of this trend that seeks to maximize the functionality of a product by adding a marketing purpose is the possibility of using Custom logo mats, becoming the fact of cleaning their shoes at the doormat in a visual experience that combines the obvious benefits (cleaning, security) of a mat with the identification of company’s logo. Making use of Custom logo mats as decorative objects allows the message expressed graphically in the logo design company get indelibly fixed in the subconscious of the client, all for a minimal investment.